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Please register, start your own Mission with your students.

  • Why register
    1. It’s FREE!
    2. It’s FUN!
    3. You’ll LEARN something!
  • What are the benefits of participating in Day of Design?
  1. Free access to Expert-led Training webinars to get you ready for your Missions.
  2. Toolkit to support you and your students in designing and conducting your own Mission.
  3. Access to digital credentials for students who participated in the Missions.



There are two options for participation:

1. Sponsored Missions: Participate in our Sponsored Missions with fully created missions complete with toolkits and facilitator's guide. 

2. Create Your Own Mission: Participate in our Independent Missions by creating your own Mission with a resource of sample materials to get you started. We will review your submission and provide feedback to ensure that it incorporates our creative problem solving process. 


Day of Design is committed to supporting you and your participants in doing a Mission.

After signing up, you will have access to our training webinars to help prepare you as the facilitators/teachers of your Mission.

You will also receive toolkits with guidelines, instructions and evaluation criteria to help ensure your participants become expert creative thinkers and innovators.



After your participants have completed their Missions, they are eligible to receive digital credentials that they can show on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn and use as a resume builder for the future.

In order to receive their badges, all participants must register to set up their account and review their criteria for completion. Evaluation guides and evidence requirements are available for each Sponsored Mission.

More information coming soon!